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Super Study Skills is a program designed by Cherie Strudwick to powerfully improve your ability to retain the maximum amount of information.

It uses proven psychological principles and techniques.

It is an exciting programme to help you PASS those Exams. In the course I will show you how to use powerful mental imaging techniques and progressive relaxation, enabling you to walk into that Exam Room with confidence! You will learn how to sit the exam comfortably and totally relaxed, being able to recall the information necessary to pass.

In the course you will learn:

  • Exam stress busting tips
  • Revision techniques
  • Enhance awareness, concentration and eliminate panic
  • A creative focused guided imagery session for successful exam taking

Super Study Skills can improve your ability to prepare for and perform in exams.

With regular use it can help:

  • Concentration
  • Focus
  • Information retention
  • Increase your ability to comprehend
  • Assist you to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Your confidence and self-talk

Super Study Skill is NOT about cramming.

Super Study Skills techniques increase the right brain to think in right brain ways eg note taking, diagrams, creative writing etc.


The program is usually run in 3 x 2 hourly sessions but can be designed to your needs if required. It includes a workbook and CD to take home to use as a refresher.

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