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Ascension, Power and Presence

Harden not your Heart

Cracked heart Let’s look at the deeper meaning of Sundays To listen simply copy and paste the link:

Blind Eyes and the Lord’s Favour

body Jesus was called to open the eyes of the blind and set the captives free. What are you called to do? To listen simply copy and paste the link:

Attitudes of Being – Understanding the Beatitudes

blessed Take a new look at what the Beatitudes mean for us in our lives. To listen simply copy and paste the link:

Advent Hope

19700002Advent, or Christmas time, is more than just a baby being born somewhere in the middle-east. Find out what Advent can mean for you. To listen simply copy and paste the link:

Blessings of the Wilderness

Wildernessa Have you ever felt like you were, or are in a wilderness? Well this message gives new revelation about the blessings to be discovered in the Wilderness as it ties together John the Baptist, the Tabernacle and the Israelites 40 years wandering in the wilderness. Listen and find out how you can be blessed. To listen simply click on the link  Blessings of the Wilderness

Peter’s Job Description


In John 21:15-19 Jesus gives Peter his job description. Did he accept his lot or did he struggle with it. Likewise, have you accepted your job description from God, or do you struggle with it. Get some new clarity by listening to this message. To listen simply click on the link   Petersjobdescription

Finding Happiness


Have you ever wanted to find happiness? You now, the kind that stays with you now matter what happens in your life? Well, have a listen to this message and find out how Jesus suggests we find happiness. You might just be surprised! To listen simply click on the link  FindingHappiness

The Lamb of God that Takes Away Sins


We have a major problem in Christianity! John the Baptist call Jesus, “The Lamb of God that takes away the Sins of the world”? (John 1:29).  But the Lamb was not the usual sin offering! Find an answer in this message. To listen simply click on the link  LambofGod

The Holy SpiritLifestyles

The Holy Spirit is probably the most powerful aspect of Christianity. He/She/It can help us, talk to us, teach us, comfort us, exhort us, advocate for us, counsel us, intercede for us, strengthen us and much more. In this powerful teaching be inspired to take hold of all of what the Holy Spirit is offering. To listen simply click on the link TheHolySpirit

God, I want that kind of faith!

FaithEver wanted more faith but not known how to get it? Every wanted to know why God lets faithful people suffer horrendous situations? In this podcast Cherie gives God inspired answers to both of these questions.

To listen simply click on the link  thatkindoffaith

One Thing is EssentialOne

Have you ever wondered what God really wants from you? How do you please God or do the right thing? Well, in this teaching you’ll find that God only wants one thing from you. Listen to find out what it is. To listen simply click on the link  onethingisessential

Show me Your Glory


Have you ever wanted more of God? Have you tried new prayer techniques or followed what someone has suggested only to find that you didn’t succeed? If this is you then take a listen to this message. In it you’ll find out why Elijah didn’t get the glory when he copied Moses. Through this story you’ll find out what you need to do to get more. To listen simply click on the link showmeyourglory

Living in the Spirit

42-18159049 aHave you ever wondered how the events that took place on the day of Pentecost are intended to impact your life? In this message you will learn what the Holy Spirit is intended for and how to have the Spirit’s power in your life To listen simply click on the link LivingintheSpirit

Where is Your Macedonia

Preaches_smlPaul had a vision in which a man from Macedonia begged him to come over to him. Have you been called by God to a certain place and time? To listen simply click on the link  Whereisyourmacedonia

23rd Psalm Meditation

___ekahra____by_night_fateGet to know the love of God more fully as you meditate on this well known psalm. To listen simply click on the link 23rdpsalm

Turn your Water into Wine

42-15801162While on earth Jesus performed many miracles. The first of these was turning water into wine. You may wonder what significance this might have in our lives today. In this message Cherie opens up the metaphysical aspect to this miracle and in doing so it may change your life. To listen simply click on the link waterintowine


BXP36820For over forty years now I’ve had people tell me that they hear others talk about having an intimate relationship with God but for them God feels very distant. They tell me that they have never (or only on the rarest occasions), ever felt the presence of God. As we are nearing the end of the time in the church calendar called Epiphany, I think it’s most appropriate to talk a little about our ‘experience’ of God. I believe our faith is meant to be both intellectual and experiential. In fact, I believe,  that  we are missing a great deal if we have one without the other. And, as I mentioned earlier, the bit that is missing for numbers of people is the ‘experience’ or ‘presence’ of God. Ever since Jesus’ day there have been many Christian practices to choose from that can bring us into this ‘presence’…  Ignatian Examen, Centering Prayer, Chanting, Psalmody, Lectio Divina, Benedictine ‘Hours’ and many more. One of these practices, Lectio Divina, is a great place to start if you’re looking. Cynthia Bourgeault says that,  “It is a simple yet profound way of praying the scripture that transcends mental processing in favor of a deeper form of spiritual ingestion.”[1]

Here’s how to begin:

Silencio (Silence) This beginning is purely optional but I find it is very helpful. After choosing the section of scripture you wish to use, become still and silent and turn all your thoughts and desires over to God. Wait until you are ready to continue. Lectio (Bible Reading) The passage is first read, digested and assimilated through a process of quiet repetition. A person must attune to their heart. This process can be helped by reading out loud as a means of slowing down and avoiding distraction. Reading aloud also triggers intuitive connections that lodge in our mind and therefore transform our lives. Make sure the passage is short. Read a bible story and then go into the story in your imagination. Let Jesus speak to you there. See, hear, feel, smell, touch. Meditatio (Meditation) Meditate on a word, phrase or image that touches you and ponder it in your heart. Let it reverberate with your deepest being, your thoughts, desires, memories and let it speak to your life. The text brings inner realities to our consciousness to be carefully considered. Oratio (Prayer) Often at this point we have a heightened awareness of divine involvement and this easily leads to prayer. Be honest with God and allow yourself to be transformed. Let your heart dialogue with God. Contemplatio (Contemplation) Sometimes at this stage our prayer leads us to become more aware of God than our own needs and we can pass into a simpler but more profound state of contemplation. Rest silently in the presence of God.[2] I wish you all God’s blessing and hope that if you choose this way of experiencing the presence of God you will also experience Epiphany.   [1] Bourgeault, Cynthia. 2008. “The Wisdom Jesus: Transforming Heart and Mind – a New Perspective on Christ and His Message”. Shambhala London p150 [2] Strudwick, Cherie. 2009. “The Christian’s Heritage of Prayer”. Self Published. pp56, 57 Epiphany

The Chicken or the Egg

Over the years there has been a lot written and said about what ‘church’ is meant to be. Some follow patterns used by their parents and grandparents. Some try to add modern twists. Others try to create new and better ways starting from scratch. But often the underlying idea for different church styles, is thinking that, “if we get church right everything else will fall into place and new people will flood in the door.” But what happens when we get church just the way we want it but the “newbies” don’t arrive? Where do we look to find an answer? In our dilemma we may search the pages of the New Testament to find some answers. But unfortunately, (or fortunately) there are no instructions in the New Testament to teach us how to plant or grow churches. Why? Because church was the product of mission! Mission was foremost in the minds of the disciples in the early days of Christianity. Church was what the disciples created as a means to bring new converts into community and to teach them how to grow spiritually as followers of Jesus. Church then, is the result of mission, not the other way around. Take a look at the first church – the one formed on the day of Pentecost.  It was created as the result of mission. The disciples came out onto the street after experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit and began explaining to those around them the meaning of what had happened. Those listening were “cut to the heart”[1] and asked, “what should we do?”[2] Peter suggested that they be baptised. Only after this experience did they come together and meet with the disciples in what could be called the first church. This first church was not the type that we experience today. These “newbies” devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching, engaged in fellowship and communion and sold their possessions to distribute the proceeds as needed[3]. What form did their meetings take? The Bible doesn’t tell us. Why? Because the form is irrelevant. What was important was their mission! So, as you meditate on these words in light of our upcoming church workshop, ask yourself, “What does God want from us as the Uniting Church in Penrith?” May God bless you and your families abundantly, Cherie [1] Acts 2:37
[2] Acts 2:37
[3] Acts 2:1-47
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