Hypnosis CDs


CDs designed and recorded especially for you!

At Uniquely U we can design and record a CD that is tailored just for you.

All you have to do is phone (0400 725 201) or email Cherie (cherie@uniquelyu.com.au)  with your specific requirements. Cherie will then contact you to interview you and clarify your needs. Then you’re set to achieve your goals whether they are release from anxiety, stopping smoking, weight loss or any other need.

All this for just $150 plus postage and handling.

What are you waiting for? Success is just around the corner!

Phone or email now:

cherie@uniquelyu.com.au or 0400 725 201


Standard CDs just $30 each plus postage and handling


Deep Relaxation and Healing

Helps you learn how to relax in any situation naturally. Restores normal sleeping patterns.


Deep Relaxation 1

Enables you to discover your inner wisdom and then be able to access it consciously. Trains you to ‘let go’ naturally and easily. Sets up an anchor for mind/body relaxation and integration.

Deep Relaxation 2

With two voices talking it induces a state of calm relaxation and encourages your mind to relax and rest. Transforms fears and panic. Helps to move away from pain. Great to use in hospital.

Enchanted Meadow

For a restful sleep and restoration of sleep/dream cycles. Great to reduce anxiety and stress.

Right Shape, Right Size

Builds motivation to achieve your right shape and size and become the ‘real’ you. Helps your conscious and subconscious mind agree.