Church Intros

Here are just a few of the Church Intros that I have created.

Simply download them and loop them to play as people are arriving at church.

Some have musical backing and others don’t. If you like you can add your own music.

There are over 100 intros on my YouTube Channel. Just go to MMEChurchIntros

Welcome to Church 27

Thumbnail   Welcometochurch27

Welcome to Church 26

Thumbnail    Welcometochurch26

Welcome to Church 19

Thumbnail    Welcometochurch19

Welcome to Church 11

Thumbnail    Welcometochurch11

Welcome to Church 9

Thumbnail    Welcometochurch9

Welcome to Church 3

Thumbnail    Welcometochurch3

Jesus Loves You 3

Thumbnail    JesuslovesYou3

Come Holy Spirit 6

Thumbnail    ComeHolySpirit6

Breathe on Us a

Thumbnail    BreatheonUsa

Welcome 3

Thumbnail    Welcome3